American Idol: Five Finalists Compete

First off, I’m still mad about last week. So there’s no telling what kind of critique I might give tonight.

But the Rangers are in Seattle, and their game doesn’t start until 9pm central time, and there’s a rain delay in Boston. So at least I don’t have to squeeze in baseball references all the way through.

Last week, Casey got voted off instead of Jacob Lusk. I still don’t get that. I can’t fathom who is voting for that guy. But can’t fathom why Jason Derulo sells any records, either. What do I know?

Ryan tells us that the finale is just three weeks away! And immediately after that, “So You Think You Can Dance” will begin. I like that show, so I’m looking forward to that. I won’t be blogging about that, because I don’t know anything about dancing. I seem to think I know something about music.

Okay. Ryan is introducing the special guest for this week that Jimmie has brought in to help him mentor. He calls this person “music royalty.” I’m expecting some huge name. Instead I get Sheryl Crow?? Really? Sheryl Crow is music royalty??? Don’t get me wrong. She’s not bad, in fact she’s pretty good. But I don’t think she’s anywhere near the category of “music royalty.” Just sayin’. But again…what do I know?

James is singing first, coming out with “Closer To the Edge,” by 30 Seconds to Mars. Wow. I don’t know this song, but I’ve heard 30 Seconds. It starts out kind of quiet, in his lower register. It quickly goes higher, and he’s kind of pitchy tonight. I think he’s concentrating too much on interacting with the crowd. He didn’t quite hit that super high note, either. This is definitely not one of my favorite performances of his. In fact, it doesn’t sound very good at all. He’s very much out of tune most of the time. Steven says he “kicked that song’s ass.” Jennifer says that they’re “feeling it.” Randy says he fit well in the song and that it doesn’t date him in just an older rock category. Unfortunately, they said absolutely nothing about the quality of his singing. I guess Idol isn’t a singing competition any more. I don’t think Simon would have liked this one. Sorry James, but this one didn’t do it for me. I still love him, though.

Oh, yeah…each person is singing two songs. That way, they can still make it 90 minutes or more. Heaven forbid they should ever cut it to an hour.

Jacob Lusk is going to sing “No Air,” by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. This should be absolutely horrid. Oh…hahaha…he’s going to sing both parts. At the beginning, I can’t understand what he’s singing. Then he goes to yelling. And being out of tune. More yelling. Oh, and he’s writhing. He’s not really singing at all…he’s basically just ad libbing. And writhing. Oh, and HE SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME LAST WEEK INSTEAD OF CASEY!!! Did I mention that? Jennifer says that his voice is probably one of the best that has ever been on this stage.



Otherwise, she says essentially nothing at all. Randy says “Yo.” He also says that Jacob is one of the greatest singers here. Ok. It’s official. The Idol producers are trying to pull another Lee Dewyze on us. Lee should NOT have won last season, but the producers wanted him to. It’s starting to look like they’re pushing Lusk on us this year. I don’t get that because they really, really, really, REALLY need a girl to win this year. I mean…how long has it been since a girl won, anyway?? Anyway, Randy shows a little wisdom in his critique when he says that NOBODY should be singing duet songs on here. He said it was corny for him and that most of it was a little bit sharp. Finally…someone uses their ears! Shut up, Jennifer…it’s Steven’s turn to talk. Steven says they love where he’s gone with his voice, and is waiting for that “certain something” that is 100% him. Steven is obviously deaf from all of those Aerosmith concerts. Says he did a great job.

Oh, and THEN, Jacob journeys into his arrogant self again, and tells Ryan that “I’m an artist who appeals to everybody.”



Did I mention that he should not be singing in this competition any more?

Do I sound bitter?


I am.

It’s still raining in Boston. The game is tied 0-0 and there has only been one hit.

Lauren is up next, and is going to sing “Flat On the Floor,” by Carrie Underwood. Huh. I like this song. Has a little bit of Louisiana Bayou feel to it (I think). It’s definitely a good song for Lauren. It fits her voice perfectly! Holy cow! I just got goose bumps! From a bloody country song!! How about that? Way to go, Lauren!! That was good!! Randy says “Yo. Yo. Listen man.” “That is the direction for YOU!” Fun side. Energetic side. He thought it was amazing. Steven says it’s as good as it gets. “The sky’s the limit.” Jennifer says that’s what they’ve been pushing for. Says she “ate that up.” I agree. 100%.

Scotty’s up next. No way he’s going to be able to match that. He’s going to sing “Gone,” by Montgomery Gentry. Jimmie thinks it’s the right song. I don’t know this song. To me the start was a little rough… he seemed behind, having to hurry to catch up. But it picks up about the time he jumped off the stage. Uhoh…he’s holding the mic funny again. That didn’t last long. I also don’t like the way he turns “gone” into a two syllable word. Heh. He actually does very well on what must be the chorus. Overall, it was a pretty good performance, I think better than James’s first one. Also…I’m not sure it’s a good idea to sing a song about being “gone,” on this show. You see…you don’t want to be “gone,” you want to be…never mind. Jennifer looks very enthusiastic. Steven says he saw Scotty dance with the devil tonight (says that’s a good thing). Jennifer says she lost it there for a second, she was so excited. Randy says, “Yo, listen.” Says he felt like they were sitting at a Scotty concert.

Ryan says Haley’s going to sing an unreleased Gaga song? Whaaaat?? Jimmie brought it to her, turns out. So Lady Gaga sings this song at her concerts, but hasn’t released it. It’s called “You and I.” She starts out sitting on the stairs. Good beginning. She’s got that growl thing going on. It’s got a really sultry, bluesy feel to it. I like it. Haley’s knocking it out of the park. She’s singing strongly, and she’s on pitch. I think it was a good song for her, fitting her voice perfectly. She rocked the high notes, too. C’mon, America, vote for this kid!!! Everyone needs to cast about 100 votes for Haley tonight, so we can get Jacob out of there. K? K. Thx. Jennifer says she loved the way she sounded. But she’s not sure it was the best choice. I connected to that song just fine, even though I didn’t know it. Jennifer seems to think that people won’t connect to a song that they aren’t familiar with. But I connected to Lauren’s song, too, and I’ve never heard it before. Thing is, though…I’m a musician, and I can connect to things that a lot of people can’t. And that sets me apart from the majority of the Idol audience. (Now who’s being arrogant, right??) Randy says he’s not sure it’s that great of a song. Says that was risky. Sounds like they’re trying to send her home. I don’t like the direction this is heading. Steven loved it. He says when someone can take a song they don’t know and make it work, it’s a beautiful song. I liked it, Haley!!

Okay, for the next round, of songs, they are singing “classics” (yeah, right) from the 60s and 70s.

It’s still raining in Boston.

James is back and is going to sing “Without You,” by Harry Nilsson. Oh, my. I love that song. Wow. James started crying when he heard the song. Oh, his eyes look so sad when he’s singing…I’m about to cry, myself. He’s singing beautifully. What a gorgeous voice! Oh, my. Then he finally gets to the high part. He has tears in his eyes as he finishes, and so do I. I don’t remember when an Idol contestant has ever made me cry before. Wow. I think he redeemed himself +100 for the first song. Randy says “Yo.” He could feel his emotion. Says it wasn’t perfect, but it was emotionally perfect. Says the competition is his to lose. Steven says it’s “crazy time,” it’s a beautiful thing. He loved it. Jennifer says everybody knows he can sing. Says he has the heart and soul to back it up…he’s a true, true artist. It takes a lot to control emotions and deliver what he just delivered. Amen, to that. What a great moment this was. I’m glad I got to see it.

Of course, Jacob is coming up to ruin it. He’s going to sing Nazareth?? What’s it going to be, “Love Hurts?” He’ll absolutely butcher that song. Which will make me happy. I doubt he’s singing “Hair of the Dog.” Heh. Probably can’t say those words on Idol. I was right. He’s doing “Love Hurts.” Hey. Sheryl sang it really nice. that was pretty. I’m voting for Sheryl. Heh. Hmm…he’s singing with a harp. Starts out nice. I can admit that. And he gets a full band with him. Oh..what was that?? On the word “true?” What was that??? Then he starts yelling again. Yeah, it hurts, alright. It’s hurting my ears. I don’t know what that was at the end, either. Okay. I’ll admit it. At the beginning, it sounded very nice, very pretty. Then he “bleahed” that note on the modulation, and then he started screaming. It was downhill from there. I’m sure the judges are just going to wallow all over it, though, because it’s obvious the producers want him to win. Hey! That was Anthony Hopkins! In the audience! Hannibal Lecter’s here! Everybody run!! “It rubs the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again!” Heh. Okay…Steven said he felt the passion, but he kind of got lost in the song. Jennifer mentioned the bobble in the middle, but laughed it off. Randy says “Yo.” Says he redeemed himself on this song. The pandering is getting disgusting, too. “He’s got the best voice ever! That was the highest note ever sung on Idol.” Not it wasn’t. I guarantee you that Adam Lambert sang higher than Jacob Lusk.

Okay. I’ll admit it, folks. I’ve been mad at Jacob ever since he made that ridiculous statement about how if we didn’t vote for him, it was because we weren’t willing to look in the mirror. I’m never going to like him, doesn’t matter how good he sings. But he’s not singing good!!! Not at all. Anyway…

On to Lauren. What’s she going to do next? (It’s still raining in Boston.) Oho! It’s “Sir Anthony Hopkins!” Hmm…Lauren’s doing “Unchained Melody.” It’s interesting that she said that this was her parents’ “song.” But she isn’t old enough for that to be her parents’ “song.” She’s only 16, for crying out loud. It might be MY parents’ song (probably not), but I’m 53!! The song was written in 1955 and was made most famous by the Righteous Brothers in 1965. Unless she’s got some way older brothers or sisters, I’m thinking her parents weren’t born yet by then? Whatever…moving on…Aha. It was in the “Ghost” soundtrack. That explains it. Starts out very nicely. Hey….that’s a nice dress, Lauren! Finally!!! Oh, she teased us…haha. I love it. She got right up to the climax and shifted the arrangement to the bridge. Then….Aw…she didn’t go to the high note. It’s anticlimactic. It was very pretty, but she got me right on the edge of goosebumps (that’s NEVER happened twice in one episode) and then let me down. Oh, well. Very well played, Lauren. A fine job, and likely for me to win the night, in spite of James’s amazing performance of “Without You.” Jennifer says “nothing to judge there.” She has nothing to say. That ticks me off, Jennifer!!! You blather all over Jacob’s horrible performance, and then when Lauren sings her heart out, very beautifully, you have NOTHING TO SAY???? You’re making me hate you, Lopez!! Randy says, “Yo.” says she can sing like a bird and proved it tonight. “Very nicely done.” Steven says it’s so ripe and so there. Says he could listen to her all night.

Scotty is going to sing “Always On My Mind,” by Elvis. Gah!! How predictable. Of course, it’s a perfect song for his low voice. So there. This is country at its finest. I’m not a big fan of “country at its finest,” but I know what good country is, whether I like it or not. He’s a bit pitchy in a couple of places…well, several places, actually. But I’ll say this…frankly, it was a pretty boring performance. It wasn’t a “wow” moment at all. Randy says, “Yo.” But Jennifer interrupts. And then says something really stupid. Credibility takes a nose dive. She says that he has shown what a well-rounded artist he is, that he can do anything, sing anything.


Have I been watching a different show or something? Scotty McCreery, God bless his soul, has never done ANYTHING but COUNTRY!! Gah!!! This is driving me crazy!! Randy says “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Says he does country very well. Kind of contradicts what Jennifer was just saying, doesn’t it? Steven says America loves his voice. Says it’s going to be hard to vote tonight.

That leaves Haley. She might as well not sing. I fear the deck is stacked against her. She’s singing an “Animals” song. Which one will it be? “House of the Rising Sun?” “Misunderstood?” “We Gotta Get Out of this Place?” Hmm…I think she should sing “Misunderstood,” because she certainly has been! Yep. “House.” Not surprised… Jimmie says that’s “straight out of her book.” Sheryl suggests she starts out acapella. And she does it. Mmmm. Yeah. She could so be a night club singer. She has such a great voice. And she brings on the growl for the second verse. This song is, indeed, perfect for Haley! It’s perfect! I mean it! I have absolutely nothing negative to say about that. It was amazing! Judges give her a standing O!!! Good! She deserves it! Dang it, I’m crying again! Twice in one night. Ooh. Christi just said that may have been one of her favorite songs ever sung on American Idol. “Better than ‘Mad World?'” I asked her, reminiscing back to the Adam Lambert season. Okay, so it was her favorite by a girl. Heh. Okay, Randy says, “Yo.” He says it was the best performance of the night! He said “Dawg!” It was amazing. Steven says she sold everybody tonight. Jennifer says “that song has never been sang like that before.” Well, let’s just destroy grammar while we’re at it Jennifer! Heheheh…

Okay, so that’s it. Who were my favorites tonight? My top spot may be a three way tie. But I have to put Haley’s “House of the Rising Sun” on top. Lauren comes in second. James is third tonight for me. Because I didn’t care for his first song. His second song was great, though. Scotty comes in fourth, and Jacob comes in sixth. I know…there were only five. But Casey comes in fifth.

Okay…now everybody go vote for Haley!!!! Dang it!!! And James and Lauren and Scotty!!! Can we vote “no” for Jacob? Can there be a “dislike” button?

I’ll see y’all tomorrow night. I won’t forget to watch tomorrow night. I’m heading to the web site to vote. Tomorrow night we will hear Lady Antebellum and Jennifer Lopez. Why don’t we get to hear Steven Tyler??? Huh??

TTFN, y’all!


2 thoughts on “American Idol: Five Finalists Compete

  1. Haley’s second performance was the just shy of perfection performance of the night. I gave it a 4.95 because of one little glitch I heard. I like country more than you and it shows in my scores. But we mostly agreed. Jacob was so far behind the other four it isn’t funny. And you’re right. He was #6. Casey didn’t perform and still beat him.

  2. Since you were so moved by the performance, I decided to check out James singing without you and WOW. That was crazy. For someone on “America’s Got British Judges,” he ain’t half bad! 😉 (please excuse my veggie tales reference)

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