American Idol: Six Finalists Compete

It’s Wednesday night again. That means it’s time for another episode of torture, I mean, American Idol. There are only six contestants left, which means we should only have another four or five weeks. Oh, yeah. I forgot. They’re doing Carole King songs tonight. I feel the earth move.

I can’t believe they are still allowing an hour and a half for six people to sing for three minutes! Gah!!!

And I don’t know how I’m going to do this and keep up with the Rangers AND the Red Sox all at the same time.

Some guy I’ve never heard of is helping Jimmy Iovine (whom I also had never heard of before he was on Idol) mentor our poor contestants this week.

Jacob is going to sing first. His choice of song is “Oh, No, Not My Baby.” The Red Sox are losing 4-0. The Rangers are losing 2-0. Jimmy thinks Jacob is in the most jeopardy. I agree with Jimmy for once. Jacob is wearing the ugliest jacket I have ever seen. And the vest clashes. Who is dressing these poor children?? He’s dancing like a girl while he sings out of tune. Seriously, he looks absolutely silly!! The high note is very out of tune for a very long time. Oh. I forgot. I’m not supposed to be commenting about Jacob any more. Forget everything you just read. Steven actually liked the dancing. Said it was beautiful. Jennifer says it was a tricky song. She noted the places where it “wasn’t perfect.” Then she said he brought everybody home at the end. I’m already home, Jennifer. I have no idea what that means. Randy says, “Yo.” Says it was an energetic performance.

The Rangers have overtaken the Blue Jays 3-2. First time in the whole series they’ve been ahead.

Lauren is up next. She’s going to sing “Where You Lead.” I don’t know that song. I didn’t know the first one, either. She starts off solid. I’m not going to comment on that dress. She still needs help dressing, though. Vocally, she’s doing very well. She’s on pitch, and since I don’t know the song, I can’t really critique the arrangement. It’s a very solid performance. She uses the whole stage, and goes into the audience and grabs a young man and has him sit on the steps next to her. Very nice, Lauren. Very nice. Jennifer says she is so proud of Lauren. Says she felt Lauren “pushing.” Randy says, “Yo.” He blathers on about throwing down the gauntlet. He’s not sure he liked the song, but he likes how she performed it. Steven says she shined tonight.

In the meantime, the Rangers have exploded (not literally) into a 6-2 lead.

Tomorrow night, Crystal Bowersox will sing. And Bruno Mars.

Now, we have to listen to a duet. This helps explain why it’s still an hour and a half long. Casey and Haley are going to sing “I Feel the Earth Move.” Haley comes out first. She starts it out fine. Casey comes in with some harmony. Then he takes the melody. They’re doing a fine job. Steven accuses Casey of being in love with Haley. He said there wasn’t anything about it he didn’t like.

Scotty is up next. Red Sox still losing 4-0. But they’ve outhit the O’s 8-7. Ridiculous. Scotty is singing “You’ve Got A Friend.” My first reaction was, “Hey! That’s a James Taylor song.” Well…guess what! I was wrong. Well…not totally. I mean, Carole wrote it and recorded it on “Tapestry,” but James Taylor had the bigger hit with it. It’s probably my favorite song from the two of them. Jimmy and that other guy try to make Scotty keep it smooth, but he just can’t do it. He simply cannot sing anything but country. He is holding the mic better this week. And he’s doing a decent job of the song. Pitch wise, it’s on. It may actually be one of his better performances, in my opinion. He’s actually believable this week. I mean...I feel it!! Good job, Scotty!

WOOOOHHOOOO!!!!! Kevin Youkillis just hit a three run home run to tie the game 4-4! Yowzer!!

*Ahem* Sorry. Okay. Randy says, “Yo.” He said the beginning was flawless. Steven liked the way he sang the high notes. He said “I don’t think you ever sang better.” Jennifer says it’s great to see him pushing for that higher register and that he “told that story beautifully.”

Toronto gets back three runs. 6-5, Texas.

James Durbin is singing “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.” Wait. Has James ever done a slow song. Yeah…he has. Can’t remember what it was. Christi says I didn’t like it. That other guy with Jimmy says he was blown away with the rough first practice. James is playing a Les Paul, and starts it out slowly with just a chord strum and a kind of a-rhythmic beginning. Very nice beginning! It was beautiful!! Then it gets into a kind of late fifties/early sixties feel. I love it!! Wow. He is really nailing this song. There are couple of pitchy spots, but very minor. His vibrato is perfect and in the perfect places. I just got goosebumps. Wow. It. Was. Great. Steven says he loved the beginning. He says it was the first song he ever made out with a girl to. Jennifer says that it was magical from the beginning. Says he will be the star of the night. Randy says, “Yo, man, listen.” Tonight he proved that he is a great singer.

Texas is still up 6-5, Boston still tied 4-4.

Lauren and Scotty are going to sing a duet next. They are singing “Up On the Roof?” Never heard of that one. Scotty’s harmony is a little pitchy. In fact, it’s quite pitchy. This song is not doing anything for me at all.

Dang. Baltimore got another run. Ahead of Boston 5-4.

Casey is going to sing “Hi-De-Ho.” I don’t know if I spelled that right. Carole King wrote it, but it was made popular by Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Perfect song for Casey, I’m thinking. Casey’s wearing a nice black suit and a black fedora. And there’s that blond sax player again. He’s really getting into the song. I think he may have gotten a “Hi-de-ho” and a “Hi-de-hi” mixed up. I really liked it. He really put some soul into that performance. Randy says, “Yo, yo. Casey, Casey. So listen, dog.” Uhoh. Randy said “dog.” Says it took him back to New Orleans. He likes the way Casey used the stage and interacted with the other musicians. Steven says that Casey has found his niche. Jennifer says he was definitely in his element. Says the whole thing really worked. But she would like to see him loosen up his body a little bit.

Haley is going to sing next, and then they’re going to make James sing with Jacob. FOUL!!!! Why does James gotta sing with Jacob?? It can only bring James down!

Texas still up 6-5. Boston still down 5-4. Oops. Correction. Boston lost 5-4.

Haley is going to sing a song called “Beautiful.” That dress is really short, and those heels are really high. Anyway…she’s singing very well. I do not understand why she keeps winding up in the bottom three. I just don’t get it. She’s nailing this song! Strong voice, and she’s on pitch all the way through. Plus she growls at just the right times. Wow. Great finish! Steven says Haley is beautiful just like the song. Says he just saw God. Jennifer says it was beautiful and that she has one of the best voices in the competition. Randy says he didn’t love the beginning but the end was great.

We got straight to Jacob and James. What a mismatch. James is doing a good job. Ok. Jacob sang okay. It was pretty good.

Okay. So who are my favorites tonight? Lessee…James, for sure. Casey, and Haley.

And the bottom three? Just based on tonight’s performances it is very difficult. Jacob for sure. I think Lauren should be, but she probably won’t be. And then Scotty. But I’m sure Haley will be in the bottom three again. Sigh. She is a much better singer than either Lauren or Scotty, though. Honestly, though, out of the six, Jacob is the only one who should be in the bottom three.

Well, that’s it for tonight. We’ll see the results, plus a lot of wasted time, tomorrow night. Rangers still up 6-5.

TTFN, y’all!


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