American Idol: Seven Finalists Compete

I’m getting started a little late tonight, because I waited for Christi to get home. But it’s Wednesday night, so it’s time for another performance round of American Idol. I haven’t heard what the theme is for tonight, so I’ll be surprised.

I wonder if Ryan misses Simon. After all, he doesn’t have anyone to trade jabs with. He tried it with Steven, and it didn’t really work.

The theme is “Music of the 21st Century.” That could be really good or really bad. But first we are forced to listen to a group song by all the eliminated people so far. And it’s really pretty bad. Also…we didn’t realize that Paul was the only guy that’s gone home so far. There are five girls and Paul. It’s a mediocre version of Pink’s “So What.” And some other song mixed in the middle, which was pretty unrecognizable.

Oh, good! they’re making fun of the way Scotty holds the microphone! I love it. Because they need to! I keep saying that someone needs to teach him a different way to hold it. This week, he will sing “Swingin'” by Leann Rimes. And praise the Lord, it looks like Will-i-am is not there this week! Okay….that’s NOT a Leann Rimes song! She may have covered it, but it’s a John Anderson song. I remember this because, years ago, when I worked at Tex Pack, it was my supervisor’s favorite song. The radio in the warehouse was on a country station, and every time that song came one, we all stopped working and started “swingin’.” It was actually quite a lot of fun. One of the guys even climbed up on top of one of the trucks. But I digress. Boy, do I digress. Okay…he has a group of instruments with him. Dang. He’s still holding the mic sideways. Poor guy…he can NOT do anything but country. Jimmy tried to get him to add a little rock to it this week, but he just can’t do it. I have to admit, though that he’s doing pretty good. The arrangement is nice…sounds a lot like JOHN ANDERSON!! Steven says he loves Scotty, he loves his voice, he loves Leann Rimes. Jennifer loves his story-telling quality, but she’s not sure that he’s pulling out the “big guns.” She thinks he needs to get out of his comfort zone, which is exactly what I keep saying. Randy agrees with Jennifer. Says that it was so safe that it was boring.

In the meantime, the Rangers are losing to the Angels 2-0.

OH. MY. GOSH. Freakin’ AWESOME!!! Ryan just teased us that James Durbin is going to sing a Muse song!!! James is all dressed in black, which is kind of suitable. He is singing “Uprising.” This should be awesome!! Jimmy says it’s a great direction. Starts out with marching band style drummers coming out. He’s dressed kind of like Adam Lambert. He looks really cool. It starts out low, but it’s building. Oh, man, this is amazing! He’s nailing the vocals, right on pitch all the way. The second chorus starts in screeching high falsetto. Wow. What a finish!! It was one of the best things I’ve ever seen on this show! Jennifer says that, theatrically, it will be the best performance of the night. It was really amazing. “Wow.” Randy says, “Yo.” Muse is one of his favorites, and the song is amazing. It makes him a whole different kind of artist. He was unbelievable up there. He believes that it will be the best performance of the night. Allegedly, he got an email from the lead singer of Muse, saying that he would “challenge him” if James sang the second chorus up an octave. Well, James did it! Steven says “Mad Max meets Stormtroopers on Melrose.” It was crazy good. Says, he is “out of your mind, beautifully so.”

Rangers are still losing to the Angels, 2-0, in the bottom of the sixth inning.

Ryan says Haley is going to sing an Adele song. Is she going to take on “Rolling in the Deep?” Yep. She is. This could be interesting. I like the song. It’s one of the biggest hits in the country. She’s starting seated on a stool in a red dress with white polka dots. She’s going a good job. Vocally, it’s strong. There was a pitchy note in the chorus. It’s a good song for her voice, and she adds some of her trademark growl into it, very tastefully, I think. I think the note on “deep” in the chorus must be right at her break, because she struggled with that note both times. It was slightly pitchy. Otherwise, a very strong performance for Haley. Randy says “Yoyo.” He thinks she chose a perfect direction. He thought it was great. Steven also thought it was great. Started a little slow, but she brought it up. Jennifer says it takes a lot of guts to take on a song that everyone in America knows. You have to sing it as good, if not better than the original. Jennifer believes that she did that.

The Rangers got a run. It’s 2-1.

Jacob is going to sing a song by Luther Vandross, and yes, Jacob, you are a “diva.” I’m not going to say anything else about Jacob. He deserves to be gone. Two weeks ago.

Hmm…Casey’s going to do a Maroon 5 song. I’m not sure about this. He’s singing “Harder to Breathe.” I’m not sure I’m familiar with it. The song starts out with some very quickly moving lyrics, and he’s singing them very well, with very good enunciation. Then the song starts rocking on the chorus. Oh, yeah…I remember this one. I’m not sure about the intonation. It’s a little “iffy.” Then he’s singing along with some lead licks on his guitar. It’s a very fine performance. Oh, look! He kissed Jennifer on the cheek! How bold is that??? That took some guts!! *goes over to vote another 100 times for him* Jennifer says Casey’s not playing fair. Then she says, “Casey’s got soft lips!” Oho… Steven said Casey did what he has been trying to do for 4 months. Jennifer says, “I loved it. THE PERFORMANCE, THE PERFORMANCE, THE PERFORMANCE!!” Hahahaha. Good job. Randy says “Yo, man. Yo.” He likes that Casey is always surprising him. Randy enjoyed it, though. Steven says Casey is already a “cult hero.” Uhoh…what is Steven saying??? He got bleeped out twice, and Randy is standing up giving “time out” sign. Who knows? Ryan said the wheels just came off the show. Oh, yeah…and Casey just kissed the most beautiful woman in the world. (According to People Magazine.)

And the Rangers are now losing 3-1 in the bottom of the seventh.

Stefano is going to sing who? Neo? Who is that? Haha…when we got back from the commercials, Steven had a piece of tape over his mouth. He’s singing “Closer” by Neo. Uhoh. Now Jimmy’s cussing. He didn’t like something that Stefano did. At the beginning, it sounds exactly like everything Stefano has ever sung on Idol. Except a little bit pitchier. I’m really tired of him. He should have gone home two episodes ago, before Pia. This song should take care of that. It’s pitchy, and very stiff. The delivery of the chorus is very staccato. Now, I’ll admit I don’t know the song, so maybe it’s supposed to sound like that. If so, I don’t like it. Now he’s running around singing random syllables and “woowoowooing.” Definitely a bottom three candidate this week, and he’d better be the one that goes home. Randy doesn’t say “yo.” Says he did a very good job. Pft. Says he took his time singing the verses. I’m not sure what that means. As a musician, you don’t “take your time” with anything! I mean…you follow the rhythm of the song. If you “take your time,” then you’re dragging and you will be behind. Whatever. Steven says “nobody can say that you weren’t all up in it; I was hoping you’d dance and you did.” Huh? Jennifer said it was very, very good. She really liked it. I don’t think any of them were actually listening to the song. Oh, well. Hopefully America was.

And the Rangers continue to lose 3-1, top of the eighth inning.

Lauren is last tonight. She’s going to sing “Born To Fly” by Sara Evans. I don’t know this one. It starts out with a fiddle solo by a punk-looking guy. It’s definitely a country song. She’s doing okay. She’s dressed a little better this week, in a country looking skirt with boots. She’s doing a nice job on the song. Her voice seems strong. (The fiddle player is VERY good!) The intonation is pretty good, slightly pitch in a couple of places, but pretty good. Steven says she is very good naturally. He asked her to sing some Allison Krauss next time. Really, Steven? I’m surprised. Of course, he was looking at some notes on a piece of paper, while he said that… Jennifer says Lauren has a special voice with a lot of color and character in it. Randy says “Yo.” He agrees with Jennifer in that Lauren can sing anything. Says she needs to believe in herself.

So who are my favorites tonight? James on top, no doubt tonight. Followed by Haley and Casey. In the middle, I put Lauren. Followed by Scotty, Stefano, and Jacob in my bottom three. And that’s the way I think America should vote, too. And frankly, in spite of my innate dislike of Jacob, I think Stefano really, really, REALLY needs to go home this week.

And Steven, God most certainly did NOT say “All men are created equal.” That’s in the United States Declaration of Independence. Educate yourself Steven.

Okay, that’s it for tonight. See you tomorrow night for the results.

Oh, and the Rangers are now losing 4-1. Sigh. At least the Red Sox won today.

TTFN, ya’ll!


One thought on “American Idol: Seven Finalists Compete

  1. Jeff, I don’t think we agreed much this week with one exception: the bottom two should be Stefano and Jacob. I’ll be okay with either of them going home tomorrow.

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