American Idol: One of 8 Voted Off

Being Thursday night, tonight is elimination night on American Idol. I wish we could eliminate Will-i-am. I’m very disappointed that he has become a seemingly permanent addition to the show.

Who should go home tonight? Well, I think Jacob should go home. But he probably won’t. To be honest with you, I don’t really have a clue. I have a feeling though, that it could be Stefano this time. And we’ll see what kind of filler they have tonight to take up an hour to do what could be done in at the most, a half-hour. Seriously? It could be done in 15 minutes. But that wouldn’t sell many commercials, would it?

Ryan says, “Like always, we’ve got some great music to cheer us up.” Always? Since when. I haven’t heard much “great music” on these programs. However, Kelly Clarkson is one of the guests tonight, along with Jason who? Aldean? Never heard of him. I googled him, and he looks like a country singer. I guess Clarkson and Aldean have a song together. And the other guest is Rihanna. Egad.

I like that they’re going back to having the contestants sing in small groups tonight. That’s more fun, I think. To start with, Lauren and Scotty are singing Lady Antebellum’s “American Honey.” They sound really good together. Nice harmony! Very nice. I do wish someone would teach Scotty a different way to hold his microphone, though. Heheh. Scotty almost put his hand in front of Lauren’s face, one time. The chorus got a little pitchy the second time through, but overall, I think they sounded really good together.

Oh, look! The Ford commercial this time is going to involve zombies! Can’t lose with that, can you? This is kind of cool. Haha. Best Ford commercial ever! Zombies FTW!!

Haley and Casey are going to sing together. “Moanin'” I don’t know that song. Very nice. They’re singing very well together! I think this may be Haley’s style, too. And Haley’s doing some scat singing, followed by some scat singing by Casey. Wow! Yes sir!! That’s what I’m talking about! Standing O from the judges, too! Amazing!!! Randy says, “Yo! Haley, baby, that’s what’s up!!”

Okay, so now the four previous singers are now on the stage together, and the lights go down. Time for results. First to be safe is Scotty. That leaves Lauren, Casey and Haley. One is in the bottom three. Lauren goes back to the couch, safe. Haley is back in the bottom three again. Casey is safe.

That means two of the other four are also in the bottom. But first we get Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson. Well, first, there are commercials. Then we get to see Rob Reiner talking to the kids. Reiner sings the lyrics he wrote for “Chariots of Fire.”

NOW we get to hear Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson. We can’t see Jason Aldean because his hat is down over his face. It really looks stupid. Wow, Kelly has such a great voice! But she doesn’t belong in a country duet. This is one of those label-forced things, I bet. “Hey! You two! Do a duet! Or else!” You know… On the other hand, without those kind of things, we never would have gotten the unlikely combination of Robert Plant and Allison Krauss on “Raising Sand.” Now THAT is a marvelous album!

Oh, wow. One of the commercials (that I’m not fast forwarding through) is for a new movie called “Cowboys and Aliens.” It looks absolutely wonderful!!! I can’t wait to see it. Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, and I saw Ron Howard’s name in there somewhere, too.

Oh, the four guys are going to do “The Sound of Silence.” Someone offstage is playing the really nice guitar part. They don’t harmonize really well together. I love the song, though. Oh, they’re segueing into “Mrs. Robinson.” Cool. It was cute.

But now, we must dim the lights again. Two of these guys are in the bottom three. James is safe, of course. Why does he look surprised? C’mon… Heheh. Stefano is in the bottom three. That leaves Paul and Jacob. Jacob belongs in the bottom three. Dang it. Paul is in the bottom three. Jacob is safe. I guess America forgot how they were insulted last week by Jacob.

Oh, first we have to listen to Rihanna. Ew. Has she dyed her hair red?? Gah!! That’s gross! I’m not really paying attention to the song. Stephanie is in here and we’re talking about stuff. Oh. It’s over. Good. Let’s get back to why we’re in the first place.

I’m really nervous about this. I’m afraid Haley’s going to be out, and I don’t want Haley to go. She’s way better than the two guys there. And she’s safe!! Woohoo!! Ryan tried to fake her out like he did Jacob last week. This is the first guy to leave since the top 13. Aw…Paul is leaving us tonight. Tough break. But, you know…it’s going to be this way every week from now on. Everyone here is pretty good. And so we watch Paul’s montage as the music sings “Don’t You Forget About Me,” by somebody other than Simple Minds. And he closes out with his rendition of “Maggie May.” Maybe Paul could start a Rod Steward tribute show, eh? So long and good luck, Paul!

And that’s it for me, tonight.

TTFN, y’all!


One thought on “American Idol: One of 8 Voted Off

  1. Jeff, just read this on EW and knew you would want to know:

    “Bad news for those of you who found yourselves over the past couple weeks: Fox reps have told EW that Black Eyed Peas singer’s stint mentoring this season’s crop of Idols alongside Jimmy Iovine is short-lived. Though he provided some welcome color commentary over the past couple weeks, Fox claims that “it was just an occurrence,” and that would not be a full-time mentor.”

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