American Idol: Eight Finalists Compete

It’s Wednesday night again, and you know what that means. Yes, another episode of American Idol. After last week’s shocker of an elimination show, we’ll see how they do this week. I hear they’re supposed to do songs from movies this week.

Well, well. Jennifer Lopez has been named “The World’s Most Beautiful Woman,” by People magazine. Hmm…could be. She is very pretty. Sometimes.

By the way, the “Vote for the Worst” web site is pushing Paul McDonald, who, it turns out, will be first tonight. He’s singing “Old Time Rock & Roll” from the movie “Risky Business.” Oh, man. William is there again?? Does he have nothing else to do?? Is he paying them?? Is Paul going to slide on the stage in his underwear? No. He seems to be wearing a country western suit. If I close my eyes, I think Rod Stewart’s singing it. He’s doing pretty good. Then there’s this kind of awful sax solo. And he’s back to singing. I actually like it. He’s singing it pretty well. There’s not much to this song, but he’s giving it some good energy. Steven wanted to know who the sax player was. And he wants to borrow the suit. Jennifer thinks he’s getting a little more polished each week. “Good job.” Randy says, “Yo.” Randy loved it. “Good on you.”

Oh, no. Lauren’s going to do a Miley Cyrus song. Eek. Argh. It’s “The Climb.” I really, really, really don’t like that song! William is talking about cupcakes. Lauren is wearing black and silver tin foil tonight. And a poofy skirt with cowboy boots. However, vocally, she’s doing quite well. Much better than Miley Cyrus, in fact. But that doesn’t take much. Ouch. I did NOT like that slide up, though. It took a little too long. Nice arrangement, otherwise. Including a nice modulation. Her top note was just a bit pitchy at the end. Started out flat and kind of went sharp in there, too. All in all, a nice performance, though. Jennifer says she loved hearing her sing that. She said she sang it beautifully. Randy said “Yo.” Said that the Lauren they saw in Nashville is “roaring back.” He thinks she did an amazing job. Steven said something that didn’t make sense. Then he said she moved him beyond tears.

Stefano will sing next. He’s singing “End of the Road,” by Boyz 2 Men. Or something like that. It’s from a movie called “Boomerang,” which I have also not heard of. I don’t care for the song, but he’s doing a pretty good job of it. Seems like Boyz 2 Men is his “cup o tea.” I don’t think he’s connecting, though. And he’s very pitchy on the higher notes. Randy says “Yo.” “Yoyo.” “YoYo listen.” Says he slayed the song. Randy says that it was his best vocal to date. Steven says he proved that he knew how to milk a song. Jennifer says it’s like he “got it.” Says he understands now.

Scotty is going to sing a song from “Pure Country.” Raise your hand if you’re surprised. The song is Harry Nillson’s “Everybody’s Talkin’.” Uhoh…he changed. He’s singing “I Crossed My Heart,” by George Strait. Jimmy disagrees with the decision to change. This, indeed, is a “pure country” song. And he’s got the country chops to do it. He got a little bit pitchy during the bridge/modulation. The long note was also pitchy. The rest of it was, well, pure country. Did I like it. Not really. But I can’t say that he did a bad job of it. Steven just loves Scotty’s voice. Says he picked the “just right song.” Jennifer says they’re all “so damn good.” All she can say is “wow.” Randy says “Yo.” He loved that song for him. Randy said “a star is born on this stage.”

Casey is up next, with a good bit less beard. Well, he trimmed that last week, didn’t he? He’s going to sing “In the Air Tonight,” by Phil Collins. What movie is that from? Anybody? Oops. No. He’s going to sing “Nature Boy,” by Nat King Cole. (I definitely don’t know what movie that’s from!) Jimmy didn’t like that. Casey is with his bass again. This is a nice tune. Very jazzy. Vocally, he’s doing very well. This song is challenging. The melody is all over the place, and Casey seems to be nailing it. The pitches are pretty much in tune. Ooh. He’s doing a little scat singing. Very nice! A very fine performance. Steven gives him a standing O. Oh. All the judges are up! Casey’s kind of a beatnik, isn’t he? Jennifer says well, nothing, really. I think she just called Casey “Nora Jones.” What? She hopes America got that. Randy says that they’ve never had anyone quite like Casey. He also hopes America gets it. He thought it was brilliant. Steven says Casey is an artist in the true sense of the word. Says Casey did what was in his heart. I, for one, am very glad he stuck to his original plan.

Haley will sing next. According to the teaser, it will be by “Blondie.” “Call Me.” It’s in the movie, “American Gigolo.” She’s wearing a stained glass mini-dress with knee boots. The song started out rough, just slightly off pitch, but she recovered quickly. I still think she has a tremendous voice, but her stage presence is not powerful. Maybe that’s the whole problem that’s landed her in the bottom a couple of times. But she’s nailing the song, after that rough start. Randy says “YoYO Yo.” He didn’t love the beginning, either. He doesn’t think it was a showcase for her voice. Steven agrees, but said it was beautiful and loves “that thing” that she’s wearing. Jennifer loves the way she started wailing at the end. Doesn’t think it was the best, though.

Jacob will sing something next. If we don’t like it, it is because we are not worthy to be in the same atmosphere as him.

Whoa! Hank Azaria is there, along with Rob Reiner and…Elvira?? Eep.

That leaves James Durbin for last. He will sing Sammy Hagar’s “Heavy Metal” from the movie of the same name. He puts Jimmy in his place, too. I kind of like that. Oh. My. Gosh. Is that Zakk Wylde? YES!!! Heee…. Well, is he nailing it? It’s hard to say. It’s definitely entertaining. It’s kind of cheating to get Zakk Wylde with him. The problem with this kind of song is that it’s hard to tell if he’s singing well or not. I liked it, but it wasn’t my favorite of his. (Does this mean that Wylde has “sold out?”) Jennifer says that sounded “really, really real!” Randy says “Yo.” Randy is happy he stuck to his guns. “Durbin rocks!” Steven said it was outstanding. “Nice lip to Jimmy, there.”

So…who were my favorites tonight? Lessee. Casey, by far, comes in number one. No contest. So, it will be Casey, um…hard to pick a second. I think it will be Paul tonight. Then Haley, James, Lauren, Scotty, Stefano, and Jacob, who is actually way below bottom. He comes in 12th tonight.

Who do I predict in the bottom three? Jacob, Stefano, and…um…my guess is that it will be Haley. I don’t agree with my own guess, but I think that’s how it will turn out. It’s getting harder each week, because the ones who are left are all pretty good.

TTFN, y’all.


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