American Idol: Nine Finalists Compete

Here we are again with a Wednesday night. And if it’s Wednesday, it must be American Idol. Tonight the remaining nine contestants will sing songs from artists in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. At least that’s what I think they’re doing. I think it’s going to get tougher each week to predict who will be leaving.

Gwen Stefani was brought in to “style” the ladies. Steven Tyler introduced the Hall of Fame segment.

What?? They have “Will+i=am” in to coach the singers?? Shouldn’t they have someone who, you know, might, maybe, know something about, you know, ROCK & ROLL??? I may turn it off now. Makes me wonder. Is William (I’m tired of typing extra stuff in his vanity name) sponsoring American Idol this year? Surely they’re not paying HIM to be on the show, right? Right? Please?

Looks like Jacob will be up first tonight. He’s going to sing “Man in the Mirror,” by Michael Jackson. Wow. That was one of the most arrogant things I’ve ever heard an AI contestant say. “If I end up in the bottom three, it won’t be because I sang the song bad, it won’t be because I sang the song wrong, it’ll be because everybody in America wasn’t ready to look at themselves in the mirror.” Wow. I’m almost speechless at the blatant arrogance of that statement. I tell you one thing. Jacob Lusk will NEVER get another vote from me, no matter how great he sings. That was uncalled for, and totally unacceptable. I’m not even going to comment on his performance.

Haley is up next. She’s going to bring us some Janis. “Piece of My Heart.” Good one. She should kill it. Vocally, she’s doing a great job, but I’m not sure I “feel” it. Never mind. I feel it, now. Great segment into the acapella portion. Great job. Nice ending. Jennifer says it’s starting to feel like a real fight. She’s coming on strong, she said. Randy said “Yo. Listen.” He says that’s the Haley they fell in love with. Steven says he couldn’t find anything wrong with it. He said she nailed it.

Casey will sing next. Sigh. Can someone get Jimmy and William to SHUT UP?? They are NOT funny! Casey is going to sing “Have You Ever Seen the Rain,” by Credence. He’s playing his stand up bass and accompanied by a mandolin. Hm. It’s not great. It’s okay, but not great. He’s doing well vocally, and it is getting stronger as it progresses. The treatment of the song is definitely different. He plays bass very well, by the way. I liked it okay, but it may not be one of my favorites tonight. Randy says, “Yo.Yo.” He says Casey did justice to the song. Says he’s making upright bass “cool.” Hehe. “Revolutionary.” Steven says he should put wheels on it and ride it around. Says Casey is a true musician. Jennifer says he belongs right there with his bass and she would pay top dollar to be in the front row.

Lauren is next. She’s going to sing “Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin. Could be interesting. Her hair looks like a mullet. That outfit is horrendous!! WHO is letting her dress like that???? Seriously?? Now vocally, this may be one of best performances ever! She is doing a great job on this song. Nice on the high note and the run afterward! I’ll just close my eyes and not look at her. That’s better. That makes it my favorite performance so far. Steven says “tonight you are a natural born woman. I think you’re great.” Jennifer says she’s amazing. Randy says “Yo.” He thinks she did a good job on it.

Uhoh. Ryan said a “very different James Durbin” is going to take the stage. I’m not sure I want James Durbin to be different. Ooh…he’s going to sing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” This could be interesting. I love that song. (William doesn’t know what he’s talking about, by the way.) James gets off to a slightly shaky start. The first few notes are a little pitchy, but he recovers from that. And my first impression that he’s trying to be Adam Lambert when he sang “Mad World.” His hair even looks a little “Lamberty.” Otherwise, the song was fine. He did okay with it, but it won’t top Lauren in my book tonight. I might give it another listen later. Jennifer says it’s nice to see the other side of him. She thought it was a great choice. Randy loved seeing the emotional side of him. Steven said he agrees with the others. And that not only did his guitar gently weep, but so did James.

Scotty’s going to do Elvis. How cliche. Please don’t let it be “Hound Dog.” He’s going to sing “That’s Alright, Mama.” Once again, William shows that he has no idea what he is talking about. He speaks of country and rock as if they are two things that have never been combined. Wow. How ignorant. I really wish someone would show Scotty another way to hold the microphone. There were moments when this song sounded very nice, and they were usually when he got down in his lower range. Mostly, it was just kind of “meh.” Not bad, but not great. I don’t know…maybe I just don’t like the guy that much and I’m not being fair. Christi said he did great on the song, she just couldn’t watch him. Kind of how I felt with Lauren. Randy says Scotty is in it to win it. Steven agrees with Randy. Says he did it well. Jennifer agrees with them. And then blathered about rap and hip hop or something.

Pia will sing next. After we talk to Christian Slater. She’s going to sing “River Deep, Mountain High,” by Tina Turner. She’s wearing a dalmatian. Oh, wait…that’s a…Heck, I don’t know what that is. Vocally, nice job. I don’t know this song, but she her voice is kicking it! She has one of the strongest voices on this show. Doesn’t always sing the best songs, but she is very talented. The outfit is distracting. I have to stop looking. Wait. Didn’t Gwen Stefani dress these girls? That explains a lot! Bad idea! Nice finish. Great job on the song. Steven says she killed it (that’s good). Jennifer says it was amazing. She is really, really, really special up there. Randy says she showed that she could definitely deliver on an up tempo. Says she needs to work on the movement.

Stefano will but up next. Oh, look! Todd Rundgren is in the audience!! Cool! Oh, now. Stefano is doing “When A Man Loves A Woman.” I don’t know about this… Starts out sitting on the steps with a spot light on him. He has to sing falsetto to start. Nu-uh. But it gets better. He’s doing okay. He’s hitting the notes pretty well. But the pitch on the long word “bad,” was a little flat. Not just pitch-wise, either. It was emotionally flat. He’s singing to himself again, too, keeping his eyes closed all the time. Over all, I think the performance fell flat. I think it was a poor song choice, and I fully expect the judges to disagree with me. Jennifer apparently loved it. Said it was beautiful. Randy said “Yo.” He liked it, but felt that the first part was jerky. Steven liked it. Says he has a great range. Says he nailed it.

Paul is last tonight. He’s going to do “Folsom Prison Blues.” Hm. Could be interesting or disastrous. He’s playing his guitar. He’s not really singing, is he? Gah. I hate this. I really hate it. He’s murdering this song. Sounds like he’s yelling instead of singing. And I can’t understand a word he’s saying. Of course, the judges are going to love it. I’m getting really frustrated with their lack of discernment this season. Randy says “Yo.” Randy loved it. Steven loved it, too. Jennifer says it was a perfect way to end the show. Uh-uh. No.

Okay. For me, this was a very disappointing night. So much potential and so much wierdness. So…my top contestants for tonight? Lauren was my favorite performance by a long shot. Followed by Haley, and then James, Pia and Casey. That’s my top five. Jacob will be my last place singer from now on. I lost all respect for him tonight. But if I just based it on performance alone, Paul would be my bottom singer. So, to recap…I put them in this order:
1. Lauren
2. Haley
3. James
4. Pia
5. Casey
6. Scotty
7. Stefano
8. Paul
9. Jacob

My guess for the bottom three is…Um…Stefano, Paul, and..I don’t know. I wish it would be Jacob. But I really don’t know. It’s going to be close, I think.

Ah, well. I’m done. It’s been a horrible day. TTFN, y’all.


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