American Idol: Results Night for the Top 12

So here we go again, with another results night. Someone will go home tonight, barring the “judges’ save.” Who will it be? The majority that I have seen seem to think it will be either Haley or Naima, or possibly Karen. My guess last night was Paul or Karen. We shall see as the night progresses.

We begin with a recap from last night. By the way, I’m not the only one who wonders what the judges are hearing when people sing. That makes me feel better. Last night was a very disappointing performance night. There was a LOT of off key singing.

Ahhh…the group song is “Born To Be Wild!” Haha. Jacob’s mic didn’t work at first. Then it segued into something I don’t know. Aaaand back to “Born To Be Wild.” I get it, it’s Gaga’s ripoff of Madonna’s “Express Yourself,” called “Born This Way.” The guys are singing Steppenwolf, and the girls are singing Gaga copying Madonna. It’s kind of funny, actually. OOOH…I totally get it. Both songs have “Born” in the title, and last night’s performance was of songs that were from the year they were born! I hate that they mixed the greatness that is Steppenwolf with the cheapness that is Lady Gaga, though. Oh, well.

Now we have to watch the Ford commercial. And some fluff of the contestants talking about themselves and their dogs. What??? They bleeped out Shih-Tzu?? Oh, c’mon!!!

Before the lights were dimmed, the stage producer turned them all green and played a bit of an Irish reel. Good form!! Love it.

First to the stage are Jacob, Lauren, and Casey. Is one of them in the bottom three? Hmmm…. Jacob is safe. Lauren is safe. Casey is safe, as well. Whew. I was afraid that the audience might not appreciate his Nirvana last night.

Uhoh. Next to the stage are Haley and Paul. One thing I’ve noticed is this. If an artists sings the same style every week, they get criticized. But if they sing something different every week, like Haley has, they get criticized. Hm. What’s wrong with this picture? One is safe, and one is in the bottom three. Haley is in the bottom three again. Paul is safe.

Now we have to endure Lee Dewyze, last year’s so-called Idol. I’m prepared to be totally underwhelmed. Wow. He still looks like he has no soul. There is absolutely nothing behind those eyes. And he’s following the lead of most of the contestants by singing out of tune. I swear there must be a serious mix problem on that stage. You would think that American Idol could fix that, you know? The song wasn’t horrible. It was a pretty vanilla pop song that will probably have pretty good success if the producers give the radio stations enough money.

Next to the stage are Scotty, Pia, and James. They should probably all be safe. Scotty is safe. Pia is safe. And James is safe, as well. I thought so.

Stefano and Naima are up next. Naima is in the bottom three and Stefano is safe.

Karen and Thia come down next. A note of correction…last night I said that Thia sang a song from “The Lion King.” After being called a “noob” by my oldest daughter (and deservedly so), I realize that it was, in fact, from Pocahontas. Oh, well. You can’t win them all. Anyway…Thia is safe and Karen is in the bottom three again.

And now, we have to endure some aural assault by the Black-Eyed Peas. I won’t fast forward through it, as much as I want to. Will-i-am (I’m going to start calling myself Je-fa-fa) is wearing plastic hair. Uhoh. It’s Autotune. Because he can’t really sing, you know. I’m not going to say anything else about this, because I can’t say anything good about it. Nothing at all.

So we’re back to results. Karen, Naima, and Haley are our bottom three. Arrgh. Naima is the first one safe. So who is going home? It is…drum roll…Karen. Thank goodness. I picked it!! Woot!!

So Karen is going to murder “Hero” in an effort to get the judges to save her. She’s just not Idol material. She shouldn’t have been in the finalists to begin with. And I’m two for two in my “going home” picks. Ooh. She’s begging. That’s not cool. No save, though. And wisely. Looks like Jennifer wanted to save her.

Well, that’s it for tonight. Be back next week for the top 11 performance.

TTFN, y’all!


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