American Idol: Results Night

Tonight’s results night on American Idol. And, of course, it takes an hour to tell us that one person is going home. Adam Lambert is supposed to be on tonight, though. That could be great fun.

So I’m joining the veritable plethora of people that are blogging about this. See, Steven? I can say “plethora,” too!

My prediction at the start is that Ashthon will be voted off. Or Karen, judging from the audience reaction.

May I say right off the bat that I WANT Steven Tyler’s coat!!! That is awesome! LOL…

I’m disappointed that they brought back the “save” this year. In essence, they have already used a “save” when they produced three wild cards last week. So if Ashthon gets voted off tonight, I’ll bet they used the save right away.

Bad news right off the bat. Casey Abrams is in the hospital tonight! Oh, no!

Now they’re showing us some clips of where the contestants are staying. Oh, my gosh. You could put a third world country in that place! Not just the people… I mean the entire country. And, to be honest with you, the way they are acting is kind of embarrassing.

Now for the group song. A Michael Jackson medley. I thought they were lip-syncing at first, but then there were some really badly out of tune notes, so I guess they aren’t. They wouldn’t leave that in, would they?? Hmmm….

And now for the ubiquitous Ford commercial. Interesting that Casey’s not in the commercial, either.

Oh, “Red Riding Hood” is in the audience. Amanda Seyfried on the front row. I really want to see this movie!

Lauren, making use of her most excellent twang said, “I’m looking for Shallow Fernandez.” Oh. It’s Shiloh! That’s not what she said. I swear she said “Shallow.” Heh.

Ok. Here we go…looking for the bottom three. First group is Jacob, Karen, and Stefano. I figure Jacob is safe, in spite of his horrible performance last night. the bottom three person could either be Stefano or Karen. I’m hoping for Karen.

Jacob said he made some mistakes, but pulled himself together. No. He didn’t.
Karen blamed “technical difficulties” for her issues last night. Granted the sound mix has always been less than stellar on Idol. You would think they could do better after 9 seasons.

Ryan is mean! He told them they were all safe. Except for Karen. So Karen is in the bottom three. I’m definitely okay with that.

Commercial break.

Now we get to see Adam Lambert. Huh. He looks fairly “normal” for this show. Hahaha… He’s singing an “unplugged” version of “Aftermath.” I still think he should have won that season! He’s SO much better than Kris Allen. And of course, he included that patented Lambert scream. Very nice job, Adam! Very nice!

Commercial break. Another Red Riding Hood commercial. Did I mention that I REALLY want to see this movie??

Here goes another group. Lauren, Ashthon, and Haley. This should be a no-brainer.

Lauren agreed that the judges were right. She said it was bad and said, “I’m sorry.” Great. Now she’s crying. So Ryan has a little mercy and goes ahead and tells her she’s safe. ?? Did she just say “PeePee” when she hugged Pia?? LOL!!
Ashthon says that the second chance has fired her up more. But she thinks she should have picked a different song.

Ashthon goes to the bottom three. Along with Haley??? Oh, dear! So everyone else on the couch is safe. That’s a little different way of doing things. And the show is barely half over.

Commercial break.

So now we get “Ditty Dirty Money?” What the heck is that?? It starts out with a Sarah McLachlan wannabe. And it goes downhill from there. Wait! Is that P. Diddy??? Sigh. No matter how many times he changes his name, he’s still boring and horrible. I fast forwarded through the rest of it. So I guess it’s “Diddy Dirty Money.”

More commercials.

‘kayso now we get down to the bottom three. First, Ryan tells us that Karen is safe. That leaves us with Haley and Ashthon. Who will it be?

Drum roll…

Whew. It’s Ashthon, and well it should be!! America got it right. Now let’s pray the judges don’t waste a “save” on her. They would be flat stupid to waste a save on someone who has been voted off two weeks in a row. She actually sang much better tonight than she did last night.

And the judges are not, it appears, stupid. No save this week.

Aha…this year’s going home song is “Don’t You Forget About Me.” By David Cook. Um…that’s a Simple Minds song, thank you very much. As the Yahoo! blogger said, “Educate yourselves!!”

So, I’m pleased with tonight’s results, except for the part about Haley being in the bottom three. But she remains for another week.

TTFN, y’all!


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