American Idol: Top Thirteen Perform

Well, I’ve started this thing, so I guess I’ll keep it up. Tonight, we get the top….thirteen? Yep. Thirteen. 13. XIII. Because the judges decided to add “wild cards” last week. And, once again, we have to have two hours to hear approximately 40 minutes worth of singing. How “self-indulgent” is that??

So I’ll be blogging and commenting as the contestants sing.

Side note: J-Lo’s lipstick does NOT work! It’s way too red.

Tonight, the Idol contestants are to choose songs sung by their idols.

Lauren is first? Okay. She’s singing…what did she say??? “Any Man of Mine?” “Any Manna Moan?” “Any Man I’m On?” Okay, probably not the last one… Okay…I “googled.” It’s “Any Man of Mine,” by Shania Twain. Lauren has a heck of a twang! Oh, my gosh!! It’s one of the Geiko Cavemen!!! LOL!!

Let me say right off, I’m not a Shania fan…but Lauren’s doing pretty good at it. She’s in tune, and that’s a big plus. She did a silly little head toss that really didn’t work for her. She also needs help dressing. The outfit is horrible. Not a bad singing job, though. I think she needs work on stage presence.

Steven: He loves the song, but wishes it had been a little more “kick-ass.” (Sorry…that’s what he said!)
J-Lo: She needs to “kick it into high gear.”
Randy: “Yo.” Sang it well, but needs something that lets her shine beyond belief.

Next up is Casey Casey will be doing “A Little Help From My Friends,” ala Joe Cocker. He starts out sitting on the steps. As he walks out he kicks it up a bit. Vocally, he’s nailing it. Nice scream. He’s got great energy as it moves toward the finish. In my opinion, a great performance.

J-Lo: “I’m watching somebody important! Blew me away.”
Randy: “Yo.” “Listen. Listen.” “So unbelievable. So exciting.”
Steven: “You’re a rainbow of talent, man.” “A plethora of passion.” LOL…is that even possible? Can you BE a “plethora” of passion??

Ashthon is up next. She narrowly escaped elimination last week (she should NOT have escaped it…) and was one of the “wild cards.” She’s going to sing “When You Tell Me That You Love Me,” by Diana Ross. I’m not familiar with this song. She’s a little pitchy on the sustained notes. No. She’s pitchy all the time. This girl can NOT sing in tune! I don’t know why she’s here. She has a nice voice, I always thought so, but she has no control…she needs some training, though.

Randy: “Yo.” He liked it. He did mention the pitchiness, though.
Steven: Agrees with Randy. “I believe there’s a lot more in there than you’re showing us, and you’re going to. I got confidence in you.” That made no sense at all.
J-Lo: Says she’s elegant. Wants her to be more “singalong.”

Now. Here’s what I think. I think the producers like Ashthon, and the judges are being told to push her and say nice things about her. But she is a terrible singer, at least at this point.

Paul is up next. His idol is Ryan Adams. Really? “Come Pick Me Up.” He’s working with the Geiko caveman, too! He’s pitchy at the beginning. The song is too low for him at the beginning. This is not a good song for him, at least not at the beginning. His dancing is spastic and doesn’t go with the song at all. This just isn’t working. And I hate to see that because I like Paul. But not tonight. Bad song choice.

People need to remember to choose songs that will make them sound good.

Steven: Loves the rasp in the voice, but a little pitchy. Advised Paul to find a song that’s in his key. I agree!
J-Lo: So unique. You moved the crowd. Heh. She doesn’t know Ryan Adams.
Randy: “Yo.” (You’re four for four, Randy!) Not the most exciting thing for people.

Haha…Ryan Seacrest is moving like Paul while he gives the numbers out!

Next is Pia. Her idol is Celine Dion. She’s singing “All By Myself” (Not really a Celine song, mind you…Eric Carmen did that one), but there’s some potential for her to blow us away. Nice, calm beginning. She’s in tune, unlike Ashthon… Nice on the chorus, but she didn’t quite hit the high note. I’m not blown away, but she’s good. It’s not really a very exciting song. Very repetitive. She finishes nicely, though. Again…nice job, but I’m not blown away, like I expected to be.

J-Lo: Thinks she topped last week. I don’t.
Randy: “Yo.” 5 for 5. Hit the notes dead on. True for the most part. Randy is in awe. Very hot, dope, cool performance.
Steven: “That was the sum total of all the work you’ve done up till now.” “You just slammed it.”

Now for James. Paul McCartney is his idol. Oh, no…he’s going to do “Maybe I’m Amazed.” I love that song…but I don’t know if it’s James Durbin material. Here we go… Okay. It’s going well. Intonation is good, for the most part. Great on the high notes! Nice finish…almost made me cry. I got goose bumps, baby!!

Randy: “Yo.” 6 for 6. “Listen, man, listen.” James is one of his favorites. He slayed it. “This dude can do anything!!”
Steven: “James, you have taken everything that you ever felt and kicked it into the middle of next week.”
J-Lo: Has a great melodic quality. Can actually sing, which is different from a lot of rockers.

Next up is Haley. Her idol is Leann Rimes. Ew. Oh, well. She’s going to sing “Blue,” which is a nice song. She got the the yodel down pretty good. Yeah. She’s got it. Nice growl, too. I think she’s got the country down better than Lauren. Very nice performance! She may have just topped James for tonight! Again…goose bumps and almost tears. Whoa.

Steven: “That was beautiful. If you listen real close you can hear the rest of America roaring!.”
J-Lo: Very diverse with her voice. So unique.
Randy: “Listen. Listen.” No “Yo?” WHAT???? BORING??? SHUT UP RANDY!!!!

Next up is Jacob. His idol is R. Kelly. He’s going to sing “Believe I Can Fly.” I knew he was going to say that. The beginning is shaky to me…the vibrato on some notes seems too much…like it’s out of control. He gets to the second segment…is he singing in the same key as the band???? Oh. My. Gosh. That high note was HORRIBLE!!! He’s not singing, he’s yelling. This is most definitely his worst performance ever!

Steven: “Pure passion. Pure music. I can’t even judge you…that’s how good you are.” So Steven is tone deaf now?
J-Lo: “You make us feel so much when you sing.” They aren’t listening to the notes!
Randy: “Yo.” “Dog.” He has a signature sound. At least he acknowledged the pitchiness during the second part. But he liked the high notes, which were absolutely horrid. Tonight, we needed Simon!

Thia is up next. Her idol is Michael Jackson. She’s singing “Smile.” I don’t know this one. I never heard MJ sing this song, but I’ve heard it before. Wow! What a beautiful voice!! If I don’t look, I don’t hear a fifteen year old girl! Uhoh. She got a bit pitchy in the upbeat part, but she pulled it in. The slow part was better. She had some control issues in the rhythmic part. Still, overall, it was pretty good.

Randy: “Yo.” Loved the intro. Randy agreed with me. Beginning was better.
Steven: Agrees with Randy. He liked it, though.
J-Lo: Beginning reminded her of last week. Liked seeing her move around a little.

Okay…question. Why can they hear that Thia is out of tune, but they couldn’t hear Jacob being out of tune? Once again…are the producers feeding them instructions?

Stefano is next. His idol is Stevie Wonder. Surprising that he’s even old enough to know who Stevie Wonder is. He’s singing “Lately.” Never heard of that one…weird. It seems really pitchy to me. He’s got a nice voice, and it comes through at times. I don’t like the song or the beat of it. I don’t think it’s a good song for him. Similar to Jacob, I felt like he was yelling at times. And I’ll steal a word from Randy…boring.

Steven: “You pulled it off.” Well, what do I know?
J-Lo: “You had me dancing.” Sounded great.
Randy: “Yo.” Started rocky. But soaring by the end. Nicely done.

Karen is up next. Her idol is Selena. Wait. Did she say the name of the song? *rewind…* No, she did not. So I don’t know the name of her song, because I don’t know any Selena songs. Starts our very pitchy…it sounds too low for her. When she’s in her range, she sounds okay…pretty good voice, but this song has phrases that start too low for her. She did nice on the higher notes. Very nice. Good finish.

J-Lo: Sounded uncomfortable on the lower notes. “One of our strongest girls.” No, she’s not.
Randy: “Felt like you were fighting the song.” Not exciting. And nobody booed, either. Uhoh. She’s in trouble.
Steven: Energy was lacking.

Scotty McCreery will sing next. What baseball team is he talking about?? His idol is Garth Brooks. EW!!!! He’s going to sing “The River.” He’s working with the caveman, too. He’s a little pitchy. He has a wonderful country voice. Unfortunately, I don’t like this style of music at all… I don’t think he had the energy he needed for the acapella part. He went a little sharp on the last note…it wavered a bit. I don’t think it was a stellar performance. It wasn’t bad, but not great.

Randy: “Yo.” “Yo, yo.” “Listen.” “This is where you belong.”
Steven: “You did the Garth justice.” Whoa! Steven Tyler just quoted Elton John!!!! Hah!! “The carpet’s all paid for, God bless the TV. Let’s go shoot a hole in the moon. Oh and Roy Rogers is ridin’ tonight.” “Roy Rogers” from “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.”
J-Lo: Saw him open up as a performer.

Last tonight is Naima. Her idol is Rihanna. O dear, Lord. She’s going to sing “Umbrella.” One of the most absolutely idiotic pop songs ever written. I’m sorry if that offends anyone…wait…no. I’m not. I don’t think I can stand this. Ella, ella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, eh. Wait…is that a Canadian song? BAHAHAHAHAH!!!! She’s starting pitchy. Very. This is awful. Worst performance of the night.

Steven: (He picked her for a wild card) Crazy good, little pitchy. Brought flavor.
J-Lo: Oh, J-Lo just told us she doesn’t CARE if it’s in tune! Well, that explains a lot!! She just lost credibility.
Randy: “Yo.” He does care about pitchiness. Gotta have the breath if you’re going to dance like that. Reggae? What reggae?

Ok…that’s it for tonight. I’m very disappointed in the judges’ inability to hear pitch tonight. So who are my favorites for tonight? In the order they sang…Casey, James, (hehe…Casey James), Haley, whoa….I’ve only got three favorites tonight. Thia is halfway to my favorites…I liked the first part of her song a lot. So I’ll put her in there.

In my opinion, it’s too bad we’re only eliminating one this week. I would send all three wild cards home at once. And Jacob with them.

TTFN, y’all!


3 thoughts on “American Idol: Top Thirteen Perform

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  2. Great fun reading your recap, Jeff. Of course, you judge as a musician. I judge purely from a listener/audience member. And I can tell the difference in your expertise.

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