American Idol: Top 24 Results Show

Before this even begins, I have to ask, “WHY DOES IT TAKE TWO HOURS TO TELL US WHO’S GOING HOME TONIGHT?” Seriously, this is why I really don’t like this show. We’ve already had over three hours of programing for a mere 72 (and that’s being generous) minutes of music, and now we have to spend two hours just to let us know a few people are going home. To quote one of Simon’s most often-used phrases, it’s “self-indulgent.”
“So,” you ask, “if you dislike the show so much, why do you watch it?” It’s complicated. I started watching it because I love my wife. And I’ll admit…I got hooked on it. But it’s definitely a “love/hate” relationship that I have with this show. There’s a lot more love since they got rid of Kara, Ellen, and Paula. I don’t miss Simon much either.
I just don’t like that it takes up so much of my life during the first few weeks. After it gets down to only two nights, it’s a little more tolerable. I also don’t like how the producers push who they want to win on us, like they did with Lee Dewyze. By the way…has anyone heard anything at all from him lately? I didn’t think so.

Okay, so on with the show!

I don’t know how much I’ll say on this…I’ve never done this before. Why are they playing the “Moonlight Sonata” at the beginning? That was weird. I don’t think Beethoven would approve…

First question. What in the world is J-Lo wearing??

According to Ryan, it’s the largest cut they’ve ever made at this stage of the competition. He promises “twists and turns.” I doubt that. Also…I’m not going to try to type all those last names tonight.

Ryan says it’s the highest number of votes they’ve ever had at this stage. However…they also opened up online voting this year.

They are cutting down to 10 tonight. But the judges are going to hear someone sing again afterward, for some (one?) wild card spots. But no one knows how many wild cards there are. They won’t tell us.

Please, Ryan. “Drama, like you’ve NEVER SEEN BEFORE is about to unfold…” Let me go get my boots…it’s getting deep in here.

Starting with the guys. First we get a “play by play” from Tuesday night. But only five are getting through (and whoever the judges let in as “wild card”). Ryan engages with chit chat with some of the guys. Next we have brief interview clips with them. And does Clint have any clue how stupid his glasses look?? Haha. Casey called himself a “lumberjack.” Which made me think of this:

Here we go: Scotty and Robbie. Jennifer would like to see Scotty challenge himself more. Randy thinks Robbie is a true singer-songwriter. Scotty is in the top 10. Robbie has not made the top 10. He goes to the stools to await the judges’ decision later.

Clint and Jordan and Jovany. Clint looks like he’s going to cry. Oh, my…he is crying. I think he’s going to pass out. Hahaha…seriously, he looks like he’s going to hyperventilate. He’s bound to be safe, though. Clint and Jordan are NOT in the top ten?? I’m not surprised about Jordan, but Clint?? Wow. Jovany also did not make it. Not surprised about that, either. I’m betting Clint is a wild card.

Okay…they’ve cut four guys out of seven. There are seven left and only three left to cut. But first we have to talk about the girls. A play by play of Wednesday night ensues. And now we get the brief interview clips of the girls.

Pia and Lauren A. are first. They’d better both be through. Lauren is in the top 10. Pia…also in the top 10! I bet she was scared to death!

Ta-Tynisa and Julie. Prediction…both not in the top 10. Right on both counts.

Kendra, Ashthon and Karen. Heh…I guess Kendra talked too long because Ryan interrupted her. Ashthon…did not make the top 10. Karen made the top 10, Kendra did not. That’s just wrong…oh, well.

Now we get Tim, Casey, and Jacob. After the vote….Jacob has made the top 10. No surprise there. Casey has made the top 10, Tim has not. And, solely based on this week’s performances, that is the way it should be.

Naima, Thia, and Lauren T. Only one has made it. Which one? Not Naima…she didn’t make it. Thia made the top 10, Lauren did not.

Let me just say right here that I don’t like them cutting so many people like this.

Brett and Paul are next. Is it just me, or does Paul look a little bit like Ringo Starr? Does anyone out there even remember who he is? Paul has made the top 10, Brett did not.

Haley and Rachel. Only one…the person going through is…Haley. No surprise there.

Stefano and James. Only one spot left…the person in the top 10 is…James.

Let’s see how I did on my picks. For the guys, we have James, Scotty, Paul, Jacob, and Casey. My top five were Casey, James, Scotty, Paul, and Clint. Mind you, I only picked Clint because I thought he sang really well. I don’t actually like him. Jacob was right behind them, so I did pretty good.

For the girls, we have Lauren A., Karen, Thia, Pia, and Haley. My top five girls were Pia, Naima, Kendra, Haley, and Thia. So I missed two of those. I’m glad Lauren A. made it, though. I don’t think Karen should be above Kendra. But now we get to see who the judges ask to sing again.

Okay…they’re going to choose six to sing again. Three each. Girl first, Ashthon. She’s going to sing “And I Am Telling You,” by Jennifer Hudson. Not a good performance! The pitch is way off and she’s screaming, rather than singing. She’s got charisma, I’ll give her that, but it’s not a charisma competition, it’s a singing competition, and she did not sing well. For some reason, the audience stands. Steven thought she brought it like she brought it before. J-Lo felt her passion. Randy still loves the attitude. But neither Randy or Jennifer commented on her singing.

Next up is Stefano. He will sing “I Need You Now.” By who? Anyway…he’s doing a VERY nice job. I like it. Pitch-wise, it’s right on! Very nice performance! Brilliant! Randy loves that he chose that song to “anoint this moment.” J-Lo was shaking. He did really well. Steven said he guilded the lily of his own passion.

Ugh. Why did I eat pizza??

Kendra gets another shot. Good. She’s going to sing “Georgia On My Mind.” Oh, yeah…she’s got that deep, throaty voice at the beginning. Then moves up to the higher register. She’s nailing this! Much better than Ashthon. Oh, yeah!! See? That’s why she was in my top 5, dang it!!!! Randy said she rocked it at the end. Ryan only lets Randy talk. Are they seriously already worried about running out of time? Gah!

Next second chance goes to Jovany. He’s going to sing “Angel,” by who? Jon Secada? Yep. Is that Spanish? Nice voice, very nice! He’s giving a very moving performance. One or two pitch problems, but overall, pretty good. But I think Stefano did better. J-Lo thinks he did a good job. “You did all you could do.”

Next chance goes to Naima. That means the rest of the girls are out for sure. Naima is going to sing “For All We Know,” by Donnie Hathaway. Started out kind of pitchy. And continued being pitchy. But she settled down a bit. Goodness, that’s a big mouth. Actually, it was a fairly powerful, emotional performance. It will be between her and Kendra, for sure. Aw, man. She’s crying. Stop that. Steven said it came from way deep down inside.

Last guy will be Robbie! Cool. Sad to see our Fort Worth guy leaving, but oh, well. The rest of the guys are done. Robbie will sing “Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word,” by Elton John. Interesting arrangement with acoustic guitar. He’s doing very well. Very emotional. I love this song. I don’t envy the judges having to decide on these guys. I have to say Robbie was the best of the guys. Dang. Lauren’s crying. Randy said it was very nice and very tender.

The judges aren’t ready after the break. Conveniently, they just happened to have J-Lo’s new video ready! Give me a break! Does anyone really believe that wasn’t planned?

Oh, look! J-Lo’s using Autotune! Who’s that guy? I don’t like it. Except when she actually sings…she sings very well. She should actually sing more. And I guess that guy said some bad words, huh?

Okay, now on to the wild card picks.

Randy has picked…What?? Ashthon? She was the weakest of the three girls.

Jennifer has picked…Stefano. Good for him!

And last, Steven picks…who will it be? Naima. Hm. I’m disappointed. I don’t think the judges made the best choices at all. Robbie should have been in there, as well as Kendra.

So, the top…um…thirteen?? Here they are.

Ashthon, Casey, Haley, Jacob, James, Karen, Lauren, Naima, Paul, Pia, Scotty, Stefano, and Thia. Good luck to all of you in the following weeks.

TTFN, y’all

After the show was over, we see the stunning news that a local pastor from Arlington has been killed at his church today. That is certainly a serious matter for prayer.


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