American Idol: Twelve Girls Sing

It’s Wednesday night, and time for another session of American Idol. Twelve girls will sing tonight, even though the title of the program on U-Verse says “Top Ten Girls Perform.” Someone can’t count. Anyway…here we go.

I realized after last night’s show that they aren’t spending a lot of time talking to the contestants in these shows. I also like that we can vote online this year. About time Idol stepped into the 21st century!

Haha…Ryan said “Steven,” and the crowd went crazy. I just saw a sign that said, “Steven Tyler walk this way.”

Okay, first up is Ta-Tynisa Wilson. I had to pause the TV to spell that. She started out pretty pitchy. But a lot of the guys did that last night, too. Once again, I don’t know the song. This is making me feel old. Anyway, her performance is remaining pitchy all the way through. Definitely not a good performance. Simon would say, “horrid.” For some reason, she got a standing ovation. But Idol audiences are known for being tone deaf… Ok…Steven: He said it was beautiful? J-Lo: “You brought it all the way home.” Please, Randy, bring some sense to this! Randy: “Just ok.” Thank you, Randy. He said it paled in comparison to the original.

Second is Naima Adedapo. Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto… Sorry. Ahem. She’s singing “Summertime.” She has a nice voice, and she seems to be nailing this song. Good vibrato, good pitch. Nice finish. Very good job, much better than Ta-Tynisa. J-Lo: “Like an exotic flower in a rose garden.” Randy: “Made it an interesting thing for yourself.” He liked the way she nailed the end. Steven: “Like early Ella Fitzgerald. The way you brought it was unbelievable.” Good job, Naima!

Third up is Kendra Chantelle. Nice throaty, deep voice. Good high range, too. She’s hitting the pitches right on. Her voice does get a tad squeaky in the high range, but otherwise it’s a great performance. There was one slightly pitchy part, but overall, it was very good. I don’t know the song, by the way. 1 for 3 so far. Randy: He liked the vibrato. He really liked it. Steven: “Voice hot, clothes hot, style hot.” J-Lo: “I feel like there’s more in you.” But she liked it. “Amazing.”

Fourth to sing is Rachel Zevita (I’m going to have to pause the TV for every one of these girls, aren’t I?). Ooh, she’s singing Fiona Apple’s “Criminal.” She started out looking like a bat, but got rid of the cape really quickly. She’s changed the song quite a bit. The bridge was a bit pitchy, like she’s running out of air. I have mixed feelings about this one. There were parts that I liked and parts that I didn’t. I really like Fiona’s version of this song, but this arrangement wasn’t bad. She’s got the attitude to go with it, but it just wasn’t a solid performance. The crowd loved it. Steven: “I loved your strut, I loved your swagger, I loved your moves. A little too Broadway for me.” J-Lo: Wanted to see more tonight. Randy: “It just didn’t work.”

The fifth singer tonight is Karen Rodriguez. Ugh. She’s singing “Hero.” She’s really trying to do Mariah?? Oh, boy. She switches back and forth between English and Spanish. She’s not bad, but she’s no Mariah Carey. Not even close. The vibrato is almost out of control at times. The bridge was also a bit out of tune. Just my opinion, but it’s a mistake to come out of the starting block with a song like that. The last note fizzled out on her, too. J-Lo: “Wow. Wow.” Randy: He liked the originality. Thought the Spanish was better than the English. Steven: “Definitely a one of a kind singer.” He loved it.

Ok. The judges and I are having serious differences of opinion tonight.

Sixth tonight is Lauren Turner. Hey. I can spell that! I don’t know this song, but it has lots of days of the week in it. She’s doing okay, but the melody stays on the same note most of the song. It doesn’t move much and doesn’t show off her voice very well. I don’t dislike it. Actually, the ending came off pretty well. It finally showcased her voice at the end. Randy: “That’s how you do it, man!” He loved the bluesy soul. Steven: “Spectacular.” J-Lo: Thinks she was holding back a little. Would like to see more. She said it was great, but wants more.

Now for the seventh singer. Ashton Jones. Another one I can spell. I like names like that. Oops. It’s “Ashthon.” I spoke too soon. Too many “h”s in her name! Sigh. Another song I don’t know. Oh, well. This girl’s got some pipes! There are a few pitch issues, but overall, it’s a good performance. She’s definitely got attitude. Slight control issues. Not my favorite, but she’s pretty good. Steven: “The confidence of a queen.” J-Lo: “All the makings of a diva.” “Confidence is breathtaking.” (Ashthon sucks up to J-Lo at this point) Randy: “I like you.” “Didn’t love the song.” I agree with Randy…he thinks she can do more.

Eighth up is Julie Zorrilla. Zorrilla Gorilla? Heh. Sorry. She’s doing Kelly Clarkson’s song, “Breakaway.” It’s too low for her at the beginning. She’s got serious intonation problems. She’s not big enough for this song. Ouch. I don’t see her staying after this performance. It was pretty awful. This crowd will clap for anything. J-Lo: “Not the best thing we’ve ever seen you do.” She said she liked it, though. Need a little bit more. Randy: “Didn’t bring anything different or new to it.” People boo. Go, Randy! Steven: “Great chorus, but wrong song for you.”

Two rules for new Idol contestants. 1. Don’t do Mariah. 2. Don’t do Clarkson. K? K. Thanx.

Ninth singer…Okay…can I say something here? Idol people! Listen up! When you’re playing an audition clip of a singer, PLEASE don’t play background music that clashes with the audition clip!! GAH!!!

Ahem. Now. Ninth singer. Haley Reinhart. Ooh. Growl at me, girl! This one’s good! I don’t know the song, but I think she’s nailing it. Intonation is good and she’s got a variety of sounds in that voice. She’s all over the place, range-wise. I just got goose bumps! Randy: “Great song, but it didn’t do anything for you.” WHAT??? Shut up, Randy! Steven: “Just the right amount of style, just the right amount of sexy, and [to Randy] if I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.” I love me some Steven Tyler! J-Lo: “I agree with Steven. …a lot of different colors in that voice.”

Number ten. Thia Megia. Fifteen! Brilliant acapella beginning. She had a slight pitch problem in the next segment, but her voice is beautiful and doesn’t sound like it could be coming out of that little girl! Wow. I’m impressed. Yeah, she nailed it. I almost got goose bumps again. Steven: Said the pitch was perfect (it wasn’t). “Can’t believe you’re fifteen.” J-Lo: “So beautiful. A quiet moment in the middle of all these big performances. Really special.” Randy: “This is what hot singing is about!” (I’m ignoring the Michael Jackson reference.)

Eleventh up is Lauren Alaina, the one who was pegged as a winner after her initial audition. Don’t know this song, either. Sounds like a country song. She’s getting the notes right, but I don’t think it really showcased her as well as it could have. She sang it very well. It must be called “Turn On the Radio.” Aha. Google is my friend. It’s a Reba McEntire song. That explains why I don’t know it. Don’t mean anything negative by that…I just don’t listen to Reba. J-Lo: “You don’t even have to try. The voice is so effortless.” Randy: “You have a natural gift. So much more in there with you.” Steven: “You kill me. I love you, you’re the best.” Heh. She called Ryan “Peaches?” Hahahaha….

Finally, to close the show, it’s Pia Toscano. Perhaps Thia and Pia should sing “Mama Mia.” (Please don’t hit me…) Hehe…”I’ll Stand By You.” More like Crissy Hynes than Carrie Underwood, thank goodness. Not a bad job at all. She’s got the notes and she’s got the power. Nice voice. Great job and a great way to finish the show! Goose bumps again. And all she did was stand there an sing. Wow. I got tears in my eyes. Randy: First standing O from the judges. “You just put yourself in the top. Unbelievable. That’s how you do it!” Steven: “You know, after Monday and Tuesday, even a week says “wtf.” “That was gorgeous!” J-Lo: “It was out of this world.”

So who are my favorites? Let’s see. Pia Toscano just won a place in my heart. Along with her, we have Naima Adedapo, Kendra Chantelle, Haley Reinhart, and Thia Megia. Just barely missing my top group was Ashthon Jones, Lauren Alaina, and Lauren Turner. Karen Rodriguez and Rachel Zevita are in the “so-so” category. Really needing to go home are Julie Zorrilla and Ta-Tynisa Wilson. I really can’t believe the judges had nothing bad to say about Ta-Tynisa. Makes me think the producers are involved somehow. Anyway…there you have it. We’ll see what the votes say tomorrow night.

TTFN, y’all!


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