American Idol: Twelve Guys Sing

Tonight, the top 12 guys perform on the first “live” American Idol show of this season. I decided, perhaps foolishly, to blog on this as it goes.

Did Ryan just say only five will make it through?? Are we cutting back from 24 to 10 in one week?? Surely not! Well, I guess so…or 12, if the judges add a couple to the mix on Thursday.

First up is Clint Jun Gamboa. He’s not on my good list because of what he did to JC during group week. He’s singing “Superstitious,” by Stevie Wonder. Clint really needs to lose the stupid glasses. Whoa. He really nailed the high notes. Not a bad performance, but not really original. We seem to have some severe Adam Lambert envy this year…he seems to have opened up the door for the screamers. Judges liked him.

Next up is Jovany Barreto. Shouldn’t that be “Giovanni?” I don’t know the song, and they aren’t telling us what they are singing. Not a stellar performance. It’s pretty forgettable, and a pretty boring song. I don’t see him making the cut. Vocally, it was acceptable, but not exciting. Steven loved it. J-Lo was happy. Randy brought the truth in. “Very karaoke.”

Next up is Jordan Dorsey. This guy was another one that was a jerk on group night. He’s starting out very pitchy. The song started too low for him. His vocals sound very mechanical and stiff. His dancing is very stiff. Oh, my! The whole thing is completely out of tune! Horrible performance. Again…a song I don’t know. Steven: “Not my favorite performance of yours.” J-Lo: “Not sure that is who you really are.” Randy: “You have to bring something to it that’s different. Pales in comparison to the original.”

Next up is Tim Halperin. I’ve been impressed with him so far. Plus, he’s from Fort Worth!! Not a good start, though. A bit out of tune. I don’t know this song, either. I must be completely out of touch. He’s not doing well, at all. Can they not hear themselves? I’ve always suspected that about the Idol stage. I’m very disappointed. It was NOT a good song choice for him, and he’s not nailing it. Steven: “Not sure that song did you any justice. I’ve heard you sing better.” J-Lo: “…did it very well, but it didn’t show America who you are as an artist.” Randy: “Been much better before.” I agree 100% with the judges.

(So far, Clint’s winning, and I don’t like him…)

Next up is Brett Loewenstern. I’ve liked him, too. He looks like Geddy Lee. He’s singing “Come On Baby Light My Fire.” Or, as he is saying, “Fiyer.” Vocally, he’s mostly on pitch. The arrangement is similar to Jim Morrison and the Doors. The upper register is going pretty well for him. The only thing that’s annoying me is the way he’s pronouncing “fiyer.” Um..the last note was a bit pitchy. Steven: “You brought it home, man.” J-Lo: Commented on the “hair tossing.” “I liked it.” Randy: “Some pitch problems.” “Definitely fun and definitely bold.” Nice job, Brett.

Next up is James Durbin. This guy is very interesting to me, especially because of his high functioning autism, presenting as Asperger’s. He also has Tourette’s Syndrome. He’s got some tremendous pipes, too. He’s a real rocker. Wow. He’s really nailing this. “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” by Judas Priest. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Judas Priest on Idol before. But he is flat nailing this!! This guy is amazing! Standing O from the crowd. Steven: “James! That was *bleep* crazy good!” J-Lo: “I love the way you perform.” “Every move you make comes from something inside.” “Insane!” Randy: “This is right here how you do it!!” Awesome, awesome job, James!!

Next is the guy with the big nose and mouth. Robbie Rosen. A slow song. His hair looks purple in the light. It’s a little shaky, but he’s doing well. I don’t know the song. Pitch-wise, he’s pretty much on target. Ah…”Angel” by Sarah McLachlan. I didn’t recognize the beginning. It’s good that he’s changed it some…making it his own. Nice finish. Very nice. Steven: “You can sing a ballad like nobody’s business. Beautiful.” J-Lo: “You feel every single word.” She liked some things better than Sarah’s arrangement. Randy: Didn’t think it was a great performance. “Notes were really pitchy.”

Ah, the country singer. Scotty McCreery. He’s a great country singer. He has a perfect voice for country. I don’t know this song, but I don’t listen to much country. I think he’s doing pretty well. Pitch is on target, mostly. Christi says he looks like Alfred E. Neuman. Heh. Maybe so.

Steven: “I don’t think you could have picked a better song. So beautiful.” J-Lo: “You’re born to sing country music.” Randy: “Like a throwback country guy.” “I’m a big fan.”

Next up: Stefano Langone. Kind of a shaky start, but it settled in. He did pretty well on the high notes. I don’t know this song, either, but I think he’s doing okay. Not one of my favorites, though. But it definitely had feeling. Steven: “I love the way your voice cut through the air in this room.” J-Lo: “You’re a beast.” Randy: “We believed you. You had us rocking.”

Next is Paul Mcdonald. Christi really likes him. He has a quirky kind of voice. Ahhh….Maggie May! He even sounds like Rod Stewart (on helium…LOL). He’s actually doing pretty well. His voice is so strange! Uhoh…Christi just said she doesn’t like him tonight. I think the song fits him. Steven: “You got a real character about your voice, and I love that.” J-Lo: “Real character in the way you move, too.” She loved the smile. “I love somebody who smiles while they’re singing.” Randy: HE SAID “DOG!” He likes that Idol can embrace the “quirkiness.”

Jacob Lusk is next. He really rocked “God Bless the Child” during Hollywood week. Ooh…he’s pretty pitchy. I don’t know this song, either, and I don’t like it. He’s not doing badly, but he’s really nervous, I think. Control is an issue, but he’s having moments of brilliance. He nailed the high note pretty well. He’s got intensity in his singing, that’s for sure. Steven: “Divine intervention brought you here. You make me cry when you sing.” J-Lo: Compares him to Luther Vandross. Randy: “Crazy crystal-clear high notes…”

Casey Abrams is last tonight. He’s the guy with the standup bass. He’s been different and impressive. Shaky start, but he settled in quickly. I like the growling. “I Put A Spell On You.” Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. He’s nailing this! Very jazzy song with lots of feeling. Good last note. Great job. The audience certainly liked it. Steven: “Out of your mind unreal! Good as it gets.” J-Lo: “You’re sexy, Casey!” Randy: “I love it, I applaud it.”

Here’s who, in my opinion, really shined tonight. Casey Abrams, James Durbin, Scotty McCreery, Paul McDonald, and I guess Clint Jun Gamboa. Even though I don’t like him. Jacob and Brett did pretty well, too. The ones I see going home for sure are Jovany, Stefano, and Jordan. Tim and Robbie are kind of a tossup for me. I wanted Tim to do much better.

That’s it for the guys. Tomorrow, we’ll have the girls. Let’s see if they can keep up.

TTFN, y’all!


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