Tribute To the Red Sox

The dreaded day finally arrived. I awoke this morning to find the anticipated, yet feared, “E” next to the Red Sox in the standings. For several days, now that “E” number has been 1, keeping that small shred, that minuscule glimmer of hope alive in the Red Sox Nation. And, even though they lost to the Sox of another color last night, it didn’t matter, for both the Rays and the Evil Empire won their games last night, clinching either a division title or wild card spot for both teams.

Even though there are several games left, the Red Sox season is over.

But I join hundreds of thousands, if not a million or more Red Sox nations members in tipping my hat and saying, “Thanks, Red Sox, for a memorable season.” There is no way in heck that we should have been alive this late into this season. Sure, we finished third. But we had an injury-ridden season that rivaled, if not surpassed that disaster that was 2006. We certainly weren’t in the playoff race during the last week of that season!

I was trying to remember all the injuries the other day, as I was reflecting on this season and rebutting someone’s statement that David Ortiz had really hurt them this season. I know, at one point, there were three catchers on the DL all at once. Varitek has been there, the newly acquired Salty was on the DL (he’s having thumb surgery…what’s with the thumbs this year?), and one other. Well, here’s the list that I found.

3/23–Dustin Pedroia–strained wrist
3/26–Jed Lowrie–mono
3/26–Boof Bonser–right groin strain
4/3–Junichi Tazawa–Right elbow surgery, out for season
4/4–Dice-K–Neck strain
4/11–J.D. Drew–Stiff neck
4/12–Ellsbury–Left chest contusion
4/15–Mike Cameron–Kidney stones
5/10–J.D. Drew–Vertigo (??)
5/11–Beckett–back spasms
5/19–Beckett–lower back strain
5/24–V-mart–foot injury
5/28–Ellsbury–fractured ribs, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, ADRIAN BELTRE!!!
6/8–Dice-K–right forearm strain
6/10–Jeremy Hermida–fractured ribs
6/10–Youk–back spasms
6/23–Lowell–strained right hip
6/26–Pedroia–broken left foot
6/26–Clay Buchholz–left hamstring strain
6/28–V-Mart–fractured left thumb
6/30–Drew–stiff neck
7/1–Delcarmen–right forearm strain
7/1–Tek–broken left foot
7/6–Youk–ankle injury
7/12–Beltre–strained left hamstring
7/27–Drew–tight hamstring
7/31–Cameron–lower abdominal surgery out for season
8/2–Youk–muscle tear, right thumb out for season
8/4–Lester–hamstring cramp
8/6–Okajima–strained right hamstring
8/9–Kevin Cash–strained hamstring
8/13–Ellsbury–re-fractured ribs
8/16–Eric Patterson–neck strain
8/16–Salty–lower left leg infection
8/19–Pedroia–left foot surgery out for season
9/6–Scutaro–sore right shoulder
9/15–Drew–sore ankle
9/19–Beltre–sprained left wrist
9/24–Lowell–head injury
9/28–Salty–torn ligament, left thumb

So, dear Red Sox, without Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkillis, Jason Varitek (for part of the season), Victor Martinez (for part of the season), Jacoby Ellsbury, Mike Cameron, and utilizing a veritable plethora of players whom I did not recognize AT ALL, you managed to fight your way into the final week of the season with some glimmer of playoff hope still alive!!

I am PROUD to be a member of the Red Sox Nation! Thank you for an exciting year, Red Sox!

TTFN, y’all!


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