Happy Happy Joy Joy

It’s Sunday morning after the first week of school. I have also now been at my new job for two weeks. Oh, and my wife had knee replacement surgery last Monday. This is how I feel:

Actually, that’s not really true. I feel pretty good right now. In fact, I think it could be accurately said that I’m loving life right now. I wish that Christi weren’t in so much pain, and life will be even better when she is fully recovered from her surgery, but she is doing very well, according to “them.” You know who “them” is, right?


My first two weeks at work have gone very well. In fact, I had my first “solo” run this past Friday, and I think it went quite well. I wound up having to work approximately 30 minutes late, but that was due to a lengthy conversation with the help desk, as we were trying to get my network ID and AS400 access set up. We got that working, but I still don’t have an email address. Hopefully, that will get taken care of tomorrow. My boss and his boss both seem to think I’m doing great. Plus, as I’ve alluded to in other places, my boss’s boss is a Red Sox fan! Like me, he also roots for the Rangers.

Stephanie had a great first week of school. In fact, Friday, we got an email from her main teacher in the Stars program. Here is what it said: “Stephanie has had the best week at KHS since she came here from Central last year. She has attended all classes for the entire instructional time. She is interacting with adults and students in a very appropriate manner. I just want to take the opportunity to brag on her and tell you what a wonderful week we have had. She has been AWESOME!!!!”

Now, this is how I feel:

And that’s the truth.

Christi is recovering well from her surgery. She feels a bit feverish in the evenings, but mornings and afternoons are going great. The therapist came for the first time yesterday and said that she was doing better than expected, as far as range of motion and getting around. Part of the reason for that is her determination to get well and get moving again. Christi is not one to be content just sitting around. Because of that, she tends to recover more quickly from things. Of course, there is also a danger of trying to go back to work too soon, too. But I don’t think that’s going to happen this time. We’ll tie her down if we have too. 🙂

That’s our update for now. I always promise to try to update this blog more often. Then I never do. But I’ll try anyway…

TTFN, y’all!


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