Happy Birthday To Stephanie!

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Stephanie’s ARD meeting went very well (at least from the report I got from Christi and Stephanie). I couldn’t be there, since I had just started a new job on Monday.

Basically, she is in the Stars program again, back off of the behavioral program she was put on last year. Things are looking much better. She has a schedule of classes to go to, no longer in a self-contained class all day. She has a process to follow and a place to go if things aren’t going well, or she gets flustered. Hopefully, this process will work out well. We feel confident that this year will be a better year. There are things that have changed since the really rough times that we had from around December of 2009 up until Spring Break of this year. Her meds are a little different, she is no longer taking Claritin, to which we feel she was having an extremely adverse reaction. And she has been taking digestive enzymes before every meal for a long time, now (since around March sometime). So things are looking up.

Her birthday was great. After I got home from work, around 6:50pm, she got to open her presents. Her Grandmother and step-grandfather, her aunt, cousin, and her cousin’s boyfriend were all here. After the presents, we all went to Fogata’s for dinner. The tableside guacamole last night was the best I have EVER had! The food was okay, and the service was a little lacking, but it looked like they were very shorthanded. At the end, they brought out a plate of mini-sopapillas to her and sang “Happy Birthday” to her. Then we came home and had birthday cake. I’ll upload pictures tonight. Right now, I have to go to work.

TTFN, ya’ll!


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