A New Job and A Conversation With A Vice Principal

My first day at the new job went really well.  Looks like it’s going to work out great.  I like the work, and I picked things up pretty quickly.  I’m working as a dispatcher, servicing the Office Depot account.

I had a conversation with one of the vice principals of Stephanie’s high school today.  Stephanie has been doing really well all summer.  In fact I told the VP that she had been just about “stellar.”  The plan for this school year is for Stephanie to go to what they call “out-classes,” which is different from what she did last year.   Last year, she was in a 60% self-contained setting.  We have a “review” ARD meeting Thursday (I won’t be there due to the new job), and the agreement is that if Stephanie does really well going to out-classes between the review ARD and the official yearly ARD meeting in September, they will rewrite her IEP and put her back in the Stars program.

So…things are looking up.

On the job front, I will be a temp for at least 60 days, and then, hopefully be hired by CEVA Logistics, permanently.

For anyone who stumbles across this journal, I’ll provide the link to my old diaryland journal so you can “catch up” on me.  It’s HERE.

TTFN, ya’ll!


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